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I am very excited to announce that I have finished setting up my very own Patreon page!

It was inspired by my son, who has been telling me for probably 3 years now to set up a way for people to support the work I do. He told me about Patreon and after some encouragement from others in my life, I knew it was time.

Any of you that are connected to me on Facebook know my relentless drive to end the cycle of abuse in our communities. For the past 15 years, I have focused all of my time and energy educating adults, parents, and caregivers about keeping kids safe from CSA. And since 2013, I began to also focus on supporting the healing of other survivors, holding a safe space for them to heal their hearts and reclaim their lives, to live wholeheartedly from their heart, not the hurt.

As my business has expanded, so has my reach. And I am stretching it even more by setting a goal to reach 1 million survivors in the next few years. But I know I cannot do this alone.

I know that every survivor that finds their path to thriving pays it forward in a powerful way, inspiring other survivors along the way. By becoming their authentic self and leading from the heart, they are changing the world and changing their community, empowering survivors to heal themselves. I truly believe that helping even one survivor can lead to great change all around them, even more than we realize.

I have created a few different levels for you to support my efforts. Even if it is only 1 dollar a month, your support will go towards this cause that is very dear to my heart and helping those that have been affected by it. Your donations will all go towards helping other survivors to heal and helping me to spread awareness of this public health crisis. And in return, I am giving those who donate shout outs on my Youtube channel, reiki infused heart stones, and discounts of signed copies of my books!

(Check out my Patreon page here!)

People are finally understanding the impact of trauma. They are learning that it is not a death sentence, that people can heal and restore themselves. But too many are still struggling with finding the resources and the long term support they need.

That is why I created an online community support group, where people can plug in with their peers, survivors just like them, each on a different stage of healing. The more they see the shift in others, the more hope they feel that they too can heal and restore. I support these groups with blogs, videos, and live online chats on healing so people feel seen, heard, and validated.

I hate to turn people away when they don't have resources to pay for help. I have a local NGO that allows me to help people that I know are ready and willing to do the deep work of healing with scholarships. But I want to be able to help even more.

If you feel inspired by this cause and want to help survivors, please consider becoming a sponsor. Give as much or as little as you can, whatever feels right. And thank you for the support you have already given me. I wouldn’t be here doing this work without all of you.

(Check out my Patreon page here!)

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Are you looking for more support? I have created a closed Facebook group for the readers of “Releasing Your Authentic Self."  If you are ready to dig deep, and want to experience the daily support, encouragement from others like you. Follow this link to learn moreReleasing Your Authentic Self Support Group.

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