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Svava offers different kinds of trauma and survivor coaching, all to help survivors become thrivers. Each person is unique and each journey is different. After an initial assessment Svava will help you identify what tool you need to empower you to move forward. Svava offers the following healing modalities: trauma education (ACE Study), mindfulness, TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercise), reiki, inner child work. That includes understanding self-compassion, how to develop resilience, increase self-regulation and deeper connection with self and others.

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"Svava's impact on my life and my healing journey is beyond measure. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is a victim of abuse or who knows a victim. I overcame depression, anxiety, fear, and self-loathing in large part because of her mentorship, support, and guidance. I cannot imagine myself having achieved the milestones in recovery and healing that I achieved without having known Svava and having been a part of her support group. I am immeasurably healthier and happier for having worked with her."


"In 2013, following 42 years of silence, I finally disclosed the dark secret that I had been sexually assaulted and abused when I was a child. Since that time, I have been dedicated to my healing journey. Svava Brooks has been a most kind, compassionate, and empathetic healer. From one male victim/survivor/thriver to another, Svava's voice resonates for me loud and clear. Whether it be a blog update, a newsletter, or a personal conversation, Svava's input has been influential in my journey. I am eternally grateful for her support and the work that she does!"


"Svava's compassion and unlimited support as a coach provides a safe space for me to explore things and issues that are very scary as a child abuse survivor. Because she walked in my shoes, her insight and understanding can not be compared to the regular therapy relationship. Her work with me provides help, support, and healing to a completely different level, which aids me in my healing journey. After my coaching sessions with her, I felt more confident, less fear, and more compassionate toward myself. Now I understand why I struggled for so many years with feeling good about me!"


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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live your life as the awesome person you used to be before child abuse and trauma shattered your world? If so, Releasing Your Authentic Self: A Daily Guide to Help Child Abuse and Trauma Survivors Rediscover Themselves is the tool you’ve been searching for. Child abuse teaches you to hide the real you (your authentic self). The exercises in this book were designed to help you release that incredible part of yourself. Finally, you’ll have everything you need to begin this amazing journey of rediscovery!

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